A Beautiful Voice Discovered in California

A Beautiful Voice Discovered in California

◎ Gloria

A Beautiful Christmas Carol

Rev. Zion and I were invited to attend the Christmas concert at the Flint Center in Cupertino shortly after we settled. We saw a young lady who I never heard of before performing with Jeanette Wang, a Taiwanese singer, and Liu Xin-Ru, a singer from China.  I learned later that this young lady, Alisa Galper, was one of the most outstanding performers in a Taiwanese TV show called “Superstar Avenue.”  Since I didn’t have time to watch TV, I had no hesitation about inviting her to sing for the recordings.  Her voice was full of strength, beauty, vitality and youth. Inside of me, I raised my hands and prayed to God: Please touch her heart and make her willing to sing for the two CDs, “Blessings for You” and “The Breeze of Life.”  A couple of days later, Rev. Shao Li-Ke invited Alisa to sing and witness at the River of Life Christian Church, in Silicon Valley. Rev. Shao and his team arranged a meeting to introduce Alisa to us. I then invited Alisa to sing for God and come back to Taiwan to record the CDs.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good.
~Romans 8:28

When I asked Alisa if she was willing to sing for God, she said, without hesitation, “Yes!” I gave her our just-published “New Song One” song book and briefly shared with her about my music productions and ministries. I described the vision and mission of healing people’s hearts with music given from God.  Although we were not even acquaintances, God made us fellow workers to complete His wonderful work together in His Kingdom.

God Said: Take Good Care of Her!

We signed a music contract the second time we met. God said to me three times to tell Alisa that I would take good care of her. CAN Kingdom Music purchased an apartment to accommodate her during her stay in Taiwan. In this way, I could care for her needs along with my pastoral duties.  At first, I didn’t quite understand why God said “Take good care of her!” three times, but He knows everything. When Alisa came to Taiwan a few years ago, she pursued her own “star” dream and was totally alone and lonely.  God knew how she felt and what she needed when she was away from home.  I was assigned by God to look after her and provide everything she needed, just as in a close family. Ariel, one of our fellow workers, was Alisa’s personal assistant.  She was her companion for exercise, taking walks, fasting and praying. We have tried our best to ensure Alisa has the best possible care and support.

Worldly Glamour Washed Away

Pastor Elaine was with Alisa continually to pray for her at the recording studio, helping her transition from popstar style.  Alisa must put on the “gown of God’s singer” to express the essence of the songs, to voice God’s love, to cry out our deepest human craving for love, and to worship in the Holy Spirit.  Although she had a hint of youthful bravado, I most admired her obedience to God’s words.  As a Jewish descendant, she was beautiful, bright, and full of life. I was fond of her and deeply hoped that she could be a noble instrument in God’s kingdom.  I encourage Alisa to constantly serve our Lord with not only her gifted voice but her whole life, to become a loyal witness for Him.